Welcome to Metropolitan Capital Strategies!

Welcome to Metropolitan Capital Strategies!

Metropolitan Capital Strategies, LLC is a registered investment adviser founded in April 2007. MCS is currently the investment advisor of the S Squared Hedge Fund. The firm no longer manages separately managed accounts. MCS specializes in investment risk management, by focusing on capital appreciation and loss avoidance.



Our investment philosophy and process are inextricably tied to the belief that investment conviction should regulate investment exposure. With risk defined as permanent loss of capital, MCS utilizes a proprietary screening process in determining conviction levels in specific economic, technical and fundamental factors.

What sets us apart

Our unique strategy allows us to invest in any region, sector, or asset class to form portfolios that provide clients with the necessary diversification and potential return in order to satisfy their long term investment objectives. The MCS approach is tactical and offers the flexibility to invest anywhere in the global markets. This access to all asset classes makes our philosophy and approach unique among traditional money managers.

For Hedge Fund Clients Hedge Fund Administrator- Piedmont Fund Services


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